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CBD for Women

Hey Babe,

We’re two design-conscious, style obsessed, power moms (yup, we said it) and above all we’re besties. We’ve spent 10+ years building a successful brand, check it out over @projectnursery + @projectjunior and through it all we’ve managed to stay sane.

She’s Blissed is our newest obsession cause well, we feel you mamas. We know how incredibly stressful and chaotic life can be. Most days are not insta perfection and that expectation to do it all with a gorgeous blow out and relaxed vibe is REAL. So don’t worry, we’ve selected only the best and most needed CBD products to help you through this thing called Motherhood—personally tested and approved by moms just like you.

So kick back and take a look around. We hope you’ll join us as a #blissedbabe. Whether you need to soothe some aches and pains, amp up your beauty routine, get your cycle in check, add some spice to the bedroom, or simply “chillax” to quote our teens, She’s Blissed has got you covered.

xo.  M+P

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