About Us

At She’s Blissed, we believe in helping you feel like yourself, naturally. We’re committed to elevating the wellness experience through a curated selection of carefully vetted CBD products with a woman’s wellness in mind. You’ll find all our products contain zero THC and focus on restoring balance and calmness to your equilibrium, for the most grounded, present version of yourself. 

Our products will introduce you to the power of CBD using the most luxurious and ethically sourced ingredients. Balance, Heal and Rest work in tandem, nourishing your body, heart and mind. 

In today’s busy world, a woman’s work is truly never done and self-care is critical to our daily lives. As two female founders, we invite you to make a conscious shift together in our thinking, habits and daily rituals. Let’s be blissed together. 

 XO. M+P